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© 2012, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz
(in English-Sample) OR (in Hebrew-Sample)

Rosalind HershkovitzThis album is dedicated to the memory of my beloved and greatly missed husband Avraham Hershkovitz, without whose encouragement both financially and personally, I might never have returned to singing and to music.   Avi I love you, and I miss you!  I know you are singing and dancing in the eternal Land Of The Living!

List of Songs

  1. Brit Chadasha
  2. Dirshu Adonai B’Himatzo
  3. Pitchu Li Shaarei Tzedek
  4. Shuva Israel
  5. B’Artzot HaChaim
  6. Mizmor L’Todah
  7. Cherev Uri Al Roi
  8. Sobu Tzion
  9. Neimot Netzach
  10. Shomreni
  11. Erchamcha
  12. Kol Tzame
  13. Zechor Eleh Yaakov
  14. Ki Chelek Adonai Amo
  15. Chasdei Adonai
  16. Me’Ayn Yavo Ezri?


All Flesh is as Grass CD
All Flesh is as Grass
© 2003, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz

All Flesh is as Grass is Rosalind's first CD which was released in 2003, it focuses on the land of Israel and Biblical characters.  The songs are recorded in both English and Hebrew; the latter are translated and transliterated. This is a collection of songs whose central theme is Eternity. The Eternity of God and the frailty of man.  This CD looks at many Biblical figures such as Abraham, Moses, Job, David, Solomon and Isaiah and their relationship with God and the effect it has on their lives. It also includes a touching song to her husband Avraham Hershkovitz.

Musically it varies in style, from gentle and peaceful to lively and more dramatic, classical to more contemporary. It is a disc that should be listened to, rather than just used as background music, to be truly appreciated. Listeners have been very appreciative, particularly noticing an ability the album has to bring a deep sense of peace.  Some comment on the beauty and variety of the music or Rosalind's unique vocal blend of warmth and clarity.  Her greatest joy is to hear of those who have been blessed through either the message, the music, or the singing.

Why I made “All Flesh Is As Grass”  by Rosalind Hershkovitz

It seems that for more than half of my life I had been dreaming of making a recording of some kind.  Early on I dreamed of being on an operatic record. Later I wanted to make a cassette tape of music by my favourite messianic artists. The came the CD. By this time I had music of my own, and the time was right! The question was – what would its theme be? I could think of many wonderful ones... but I had been haunted by these scriptures that say “all flesh is grass” (there are quite a few of them). It was such a real assessment of the human condition. I wanted to honour God's – a rod of strength and power that can put iron in that grass!!  I wanted to emphasise the “bottom line” - Man needs God!! - before I did anything else.  So I had the joy of searching out examples from scripture – men whose lives became eternally significant when joined to God – words telling us something about God's eternal nature – and constantly touching on Israel  - that nation chosen by God to constantly remind man that there is a God who called them into being!

List of Songs

  1. HaBasar Chatzir - Introduction

  2. A Prayer of Moses, the Man of God

  3. Perfect Peace

  4. The Voice of God

  5. The Name of the Lord

  6. Avraham - Friend of God

  7. Avraham Sheli - to my husband

  8. Song of Boaz

9.     Job - God's Trusted Man
10.   Vanity of Vanities

11.   Message From Micah

12.   Yshayahu

13.   A Psalm of David

14.   Yerushalayim - Ir ha Olamim

15.   Behold I Come

16.   All Flesh is as Grass


King of Glory in hebrewWho is This King of Glory?   (in English-Sample) OR (in Hebrew-Sample)
© 2005, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz - Hebrew
© 2007
, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz - English
King of Glory in hebrew
The the
Messianic music opened to me the wonderful “ancientness” of Jesus as claimant to be the Saviour. He was promised from the beginning.  And the ancient scriptures are filled with prophetic words which only He has fulfilled. It seemed to me that modern Israel needs nothing more than the scriptures she recognises – to recognise the Messiah Whm she does not yet recognise!! I had been planning to move to a different theme when the request for a song based on Ps 45 fixed my attention on the coming King.  The Lord led me from scripture to scripture building up a wonderful picture of the eternally existing Son, born in the flesh, serving in humility and faithfulness, coming on a donkey, seeking to enter the doors of men's hearts, coming back as a bridegroom, preparing to unveil His mystery to His chosen people who will weep when they recognise Him, promised from the times of the patriarchs – the King of Glory!! I presented the whole first in the original language.

But popular demand, I was led me to do an English-based version as well. It was an amazing experience to compose and to record.

All the text is inspired from the Tenach (Hebrew Scriptures).
This is an important project, the Word of God, sung by Rosalind Hershkovitz, a talented, skilled and anointed voice.  The melodic music will lift you up to higher ground and strengthen your faith.  Enjoy and be lifted up!   - Kerstin Schneider

"King Of Glory" is my most popular CD - though the others do have their followings.

List of Songs

  1. Behold The Days Are Coming (Hine Yamim Baim) Jeremiah 33: 14-16
  2. Who is This King of Glory? (Mi Hu Zeh Melech HaCavod?) Psalm 24:7-10
  3. The Lord Possessed Me At the Beginning of His Way (Adonai Kanani Reshit Darko) Proverbs 8: 22-36
  4. Why Do the Nations Rage? (Lama Ragshu Goyim?) Psalm 2
  5. Surely I Am More Stupid Than Any Man (Ki Vaar Anochi Me'Ish) Proverbs 30: 2-4
  6. For Unto Us a Child is Born (Ki Yeled Yalad Lanu) Isaiah 9: 6-7
  7. Behold! My Servant Whom I Uphold (Hen Avdi Etmoch Bo) Isaiah 42: 1-4
  8. The Lord Said to my Lord (Neum Adonai L'Adoni) Psalm 110
  9. Rejoice Greatly O Daughter of Zion (Gili Meod Bat Tzion) Zechariah 9 : 9-10
  10. Go Through, Go Through the Gates (Ivru, Ivru Ba'Shearim) Isaiah 62: 10-12
  11. A Song of Loves (Shir Yedidot) Psalm 45
  12. I Will Greatly Rejoice in the Lord (Sos Asis Ba'Adonai) Isaiah 61:10-11
  13. Truly You are a God Who Hides Himself (Achen Atah El Mistater) Isaiah 45: 15-17
  14. And I Will Pour On the House of David (V'Shafachti Al Beit David) Zechariah 12: 9-10
  15. Judah, You Are He Whom Your Brothers Shall Praise (Yehudah, Atah Yoducha Acheicha) Genesis: 49: 8 & 10
  16. The Earth is the Lord's, and All It's Fullness (La'Adonai Ha-Aretz U'Mloah) Psalm 24

I Have Heard Your Cries CDI Have Heard Your Cries   (in Hebrew-Sample) OR (in English-Sample)
Poems by Ed Vinson, Composer is Rosalind Hershkovitz
© 200
6, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz and to the poet, Ed Vinson - Hebrew
© 2007, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz and to the poet, Ed Vinson - EnglishI Have Heard Your Cries CD

This CD did not come from me at all!  The germ of it was with Ed Vinson who came to me as a vocal student, and began giving me songs to notate that he had written. The he began to give me beautiful poems to set to music.  I was fascinated by these poems – so delicate and deep.  I wanted to really serve these words with my music.  Then Ed wanted to have them in Hebrew. The music already existed – the words were “poetic” - but my sister-in-law Sarah Bachar was not daunted and did a wonderful job as I monitored the translation's ability to fit into my musical phrases!! Then Ed wanted it recorded!! I already had the best recording engineer I could possibly want, and I felt that  under his guiding influence – this could be a work of art.  Seeing the new CD evolve, as inspired musicians played into the melodies and my vocal line carrying the words was carefully edited was extremely exciting and both Ed and I loved the final result.  Of course it HAD to be then recorded in the original English too!!

"Songs of Grief - Rays of Hope."  So Ed Vinson has described this remarkable collection of poems in which he explores the deepest issues of sorrow and loss - and comfort.  Beautifully translated into Hebrew by Sarah Bachar, these songs take us on a rich artistic and spiritual journey borne on the inspired music and by the expressively melodious voice of Rosalind Hershkovitz and the gifted musicians who accompany her.  Bon Voyage!

List of Songs



  1. The Longing
  2. At Places
  3. Desperate Cries
  4. Sojourners All
  5. Grief Is A Wind (1)
  6. Pilgrims On A Road
  7. His Is The Voice
  8. Where Death Can Storm No More
  9. As Sea-Wet Strands

10.    Reflections
11.    The Anchor Holds
12.    As Flowers Will
13.    Grief Is A Wind(2)
14.    Dark Weapons
15.    Seeing What I See
16.    A Man Of Sorrows
17.    Lovesick

Other Side of Death CDThe Other Side Of Death - Part 1

© 2009  All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz - English

"The Other Side Of Death" began at the Garden Tomb, however with the creation of other productions, my funds were depleted and it didn't look like this production would ever be made.  However, the Lord resurrected the project in an amazing way!  A friend who had known me well while I was composing these songs, suddenly asked me if there was such a C. D. as "The Other Side Of Death ", or had she imagined it?  I said "Yes!  It's my project, not yet recorded".  This friend then went on to share with me how she had come to see her investments in life insurance as investments in her own death.  Wanting to invest, instead in life, she told me of her wish to sponsor the recordings of my songs about the Resurrection! 

As they were now to 23 songs, I asked my friend and colleague Irene Sarrell-Blower, to contribute and sing her song "The Resurrection Song".  Featuring international Christian artists as well as several gifted Israeli musicians, it has been recorded and produced under the creative genius of Andrei, just up the road from Christ Church in New Jerusalem, at Keshet Studios.

List of Songs

  1. Song of Thomas
  2. In the Beginning   
  3. Song of Mariam
  4. Meditation
  5. The Light
  6. Wise Men From the East 
  7. Ben David - Ben Elohim
  8. And the Child Grew
  9. Behold the Man

10.    Eli, Eli
11.    The Resurrection Song
12.    New Hope
13.    Who Defied Death
14.    Feed My Sheep
15.    Victory Song

Other Side of Death CD The Other Side Of Death - Part 2

© 2010, All rights Reserved to the composer Rosalind Hershkovitz

Part 1 of this series was released in 2008 - on the initiative of a friend who, preferring to invest in "life" than "death", and having withdrawn funds from a life insurance policy, sponsored the recording of songs, (written mainly as solos to accompany sermon themes for the Sunday Service at the Garden Tomb) whose theme of was the life of Jesus with focus on the Resurrection.

There were too many songs to include in one album, so a second CD was planned. However, because of extremely challenging circumstances in the health of my husband, Avraham, the release of the album almost seemed an impossible dream... Yet, knowing our God is the God of the impossible, - slowly but steadily, I was able to complete recording of these songs whose theme is Resurrection Life under the covenant of grace, and the second coming of Jesus/Yeshua. As in the first, which featured SARRELL-Blower's. "Resurrection Song", I am proud to present here, alongside my own, songs by holocaust survivor/violinist Henri WINEBLATT and Filipina TV and film producer Tec CONCEPCION.

I pray you are greatly encouraged by these songs in which I am again joined by many of the excellent vocalists and instrumentalists, both Israeli and international, (with a couple of welcome new additions) who made Part 1 such a rich and varied experience.

List of Songs

1. Alpha And Omega
2. Song Of Shaul
3. Breath Of Life
4. The Kingdom
5. Great High Priest
6. Rest
7. Ein Kavod Acher (There Is No Honour)
8. Great And Wonderful
9. Through A Glass
10. We Wait
11. I Am He
12. Surround Me
13. Unchanging Person
14. Witnesses
15. Aaronic Blessing


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