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Rosalind Hershkovitz

Rosalind's first CD was released in 2003, it's focus is on the land of Israel and men of the Bible.  Songs are recorded in English and Hebrew ; the latter is translated and transliterated.

Rosalind has been interviewed on both Israeli National Radio stations - reshet Aleph and reshet Bet - with songs from her CDs being played as well.  Listeners have been very appreciative, particularly noticing an ability to bring a deep sense of peace.  Some have made comments regarding the beauty and variety of music, or the unique vocal blend of warmth and clarity.  It is one of Rosalind's greatest joys to hear from those of you who have been blessed through the message, the music, or the singing.  Please sign our Guest Book on the Guestbook page.I Have Heard Your Cries CD

Rosalind is busy creating, producing as well as singing publicly, her new creations.  Every year there is at least one new CD in the making.  In only 7 years, she has now produced 7 CD's, all originals and about the bible with an Israeli flavor.  Find a complete listing on the Music page while listening to samples of her work, then find the convenience of ordering on-line from our Purchase page.

Rosalind has done a live show based on the Hebrew version of  "I Have Heard your Cries" -it was presented in a popular Israeli theatre in Jerusalem. Rosalind is currently making a new CD called "B'Artzot HaChaim" ("In The Land Of The Living").  It consists of songs made from passages from the Tenach as in "Who Is This King Of Glory", but this time with more middle eastern style and fuller production. It came out in May 2012.


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